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Azerbaijan, The Land of Fire. Creative Society. Allatraunites


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:May 29, 2020
Participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement are testing the rule of six handshakes in order to meet people from every country of the world, to get to know how every person on the planet envision the Creative Society.

Today, on “Six Degrees of Connection” we are travelling to the sultry Land of Fire, Azerbaijan. Without leaving our homes, we will try to learn the traditions and customs of this country. The goal of our broadcast today is to learn how the residents of this eastern country envision a creative society.
"Azerbaijan is the Land of Fire, the Land of Igides and Friends, the Land of Open Doors..." - These are the first lines of Ilgar Samedov's poem “Azerbaijan” perfectly reflect the essence of this country. The country where the most valuable wish to each other from ancient times to the present day is the wish of health of the soul!

Dear viewers let's test your knowledge about Azerbaijan, please answer the question using the link provided. What do you associate with the country of Azerbaijan?

We already have a friendly team, but with you we will move even faster on this Path to a happy, peaceful society, which we all want to see in our future and are ready to act for it!

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