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The Chance on the Verge


АллатРа ТВ
АллатРа ТВ
Published:Nov 4, 2019
The value of life on the verge of events that are changing the world. What disaster is coming upon humanity? What will happen in the nearest years? What problems of survival will the overwhelming majority of people living today face?

No weapon of modern times (even the most promising one) can stop the climatic disaster which is coming upon humanity. What will happen next? One flare on the Sun — and all electronic savings will disappear in an instant. What is next?

How important the value of life becomes under the conditions of global drastic climate change on the planet. Climatic apartheid of consumer society: why is the property of the wealthy still being saved instead of saving the lives of children and other people? What do eyewitnesses of climatic events talk about, and what is hushed up by the world mass media? How do values of a person change under the conditions of drastic changes in the destiny of humanity, which put its existence on the verge of survival? Also:

Why are the worldview “pillars” of the material world collapsing?
Why is health disappearing, even among children?
What is happening to nature?
Why are people fighting for synonyms?
What verge is modern humanity rapidly approaching?
Were the prophets right about the present-day time, and what chance does humanity have to survive?
What does it mean to become Alive? Who is a real Human?
Why was a woman called the keeper of the Hearth?
“Life is Love. It is that Fire which is called Life. Because it’s woven of Love, it’s woven of happiness. While what do people call Life?”
Why exactly now is global unity of the world community and participation of everyone so important?

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