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H.R.M. King Maud'Dib Jamel EL'Osiris and H.R.M Queen Muad’Dib Saidah N. El’Osiris | Creative Society


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Jun 9, 2021
His Royal Majesty KING MAUD'DIB JAMEL EL'OSIRIS OF NUMI and Her Royal Majesty Queen Muad’Dib Saidah N. El’Osiris about how to build a better tomorrow on Earth. Our honored guests today are Sovereign High King and High Queen of Numi Kingdom.

We will discuss the importance of building the Creative Society global in order to save humankind from the upcoming threats and crises. How can we achieve it practically? By practical implement of 8 Foundations of Creative Society into all spheres of life. Human Life should be the highest value. Together we can build a better tomorrow for everyone.

The Republic of Numi is a non-state sovereign entity, formerly situated in the region of the (America) North, Central, South America, and Adjoining Islands. Currently, the Republic of Numi is a government in exile but with full legal sovereign status as established by its Declaration of Sovereignty. The Creative Society is the world-famous trend model of the society chosen by millions of people globally.

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