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Competition or Unification? The Сhoice is Yours!


ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Mar 22, 2023
The whole world today lives by the "divide and conquer" approach. Humans, like animals, compete with each other to achieve greater benefits and advantages.

🔸 What vivid examples and types of competition can we find in the animal world? What causes it?
🔸 Where has living according to animal laws led human society?
🔸 Why do people continue to die of hunger and thirst while there are tremendous opportunities in today’s world?
🔸 What do we lack and what lies at the root of artificially created crises?
🔸 How did humankind find itself on the brink of self-destruction? Is there a way out?
🔸 What do people need to do to live in a beautiful and prosperous world?

🌍 "The Phenomenon of Unity | Kaleidoscope of Facts 28":

🌍 "Keys to the Future":

🌍 International online forum "GLOBAL CRISIS. OUR SURVIVAL IS IN UNITY" with language selection:

🌍 A true history of humanity in the “Kaleidoscope of Facts” project:

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