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What motivates you to tell the truth? | Feedback "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone."


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Sep 15, 2021
Why and for what is it important to change the world today? Why do people need to unite now, and how do we do it?
The answers to these questions were heard around the world on July 24, 2021, in a live online conference entitled "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone."

Every day a lot of videos with feedback about the conference from people all over the world: Germany, Canada, Netherlands, UAE, Ecuador, Russia and many others, is sent to the ALLATRA TV mailbox. All of them actively share vital information, which should be known to each person. This is information about climate, ecology, artificial intelligence and how they affect the life of people and the planet as a whole.

Why do people talk about the true causes of the negative processes now taking place within our planet and on its surface, as well as within our solar system and beyond? Because these processes affect everyone's life and health. And what motivates people to talk about it? That such information is deliberately not disseminated to the public.
The worst is the climate crisis, which will lead to irreversible consequences if nothing is done. Natural disasters will cause huge numbers of climate refugees. Equally dangerous for humanity is the ill-considered introduction of artificial intelligence by the world's large companies, which could cause widespread unemployment and more.

Against the background of the hard information told at the conference, it is gratifying to see that people have stopped keeping silent and have begun to speak the truth - boldly, openly, and to the whole world. Many have already noted that the conference gave a deep understanding of the existing problems, their magnitude and the scale of their consequences. Understanding the gravity of the situation encourages people all over the planet to reach out to everyone and tell the truth.

Not wanting to see problems does not make them go away, and one person cannot cope with problems. Therefore, only a unification of people can help us survive since it is now a question of the survival of mankind.
What would it take for us not to survive, not to fight for a piece of bread, but for us all to live happily ever after? And we don't need much at all:
go to
to read about the Creative Society project, what its goals and objectives are, and to find out what benefits it has for people
and click the "JOIN" red button.
And then just tell everyone you meet that we have an alternative, the Creative Society project, through which we can all together change the world for the better and, most importantly, we can survive.

We can build a Creative Society together!
We are waiting for your video feedback on the conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone" to [email protected]
Invite everyone to an international online conference on December 4, 2021, "Global Crisis. Time for Truth."

Watch the broadcast of the conference in English:

"The Future? This Affects Everyone" | NEW video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov:

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