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The Life of Galaxy | Astrophysicist | Dr Elena Podladchikova


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Oct 4, 2020
How many planets like Earth are there in the universe? Is man the only intelligent creature in the universe? What are exoplanets and how are they studied? What processes on the sun affect the disappearance of planets in the solar system?
We can discuss these and other questions live with an astrophysicist, Dr. Elena Podladchikova.
Elena Podladchikova became the owner of the international prize named after I. Zeldovich for discovering the nature of solar flares.
Until recently, Elena coordinated the SOHO stereo satellite programs at the Royal Belgian Observatory. It was this apparatus that opened the way for astrophysicists to observe the processes that occur on the Sun.

The interview is held within the framework of the international research project "Kaleidoscope of Facts"
Trailer of the conference "Paleokontakt"

The Mars-Earth Beginning Program

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