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USA. It’s a Sensation What People Did | TikTalk on Creative Society Show


Creative Society
Creative Society
Published:Sep 26, 2022
How to unite all Americans and make the American dream a reality?

💫 Today's episode of TikTalk on the Creative Society Show is devoted to the historical conference "Global Crisis. USA," the first local conference of such scale, which took place on September 24, 2022.

The conference hosts Taliy Shkurupiy and RoyStar SoundSick will talk with
🎤 JARRELL PYRO JOHNSON, actor, rapper, & entrepreneur (USA).

We’ll find out our guest's reaction to some videos from the conference:
📽️️ Shocking price increases and income inequality. The Creative Society is an economy from scratch with no inflation or taxes.
️ 📽️️ Education in the Creative Society. Free and affordable tuition for everyone around the world
📽️️️ Unity is the power. How can we unite our potential?

🌍 Dear friends, watch the full version of the International Online Conference "Global Crisis. USA."

Share the link to the video on your social networks, with your friends and acquaintances. Let's make sure we have a future!
➡️ "Global Crisis. USA" | Online Conference:

➡️ "Do You Want to Know Why the Whole World Is So Ambushed? | TikTalk on Creative Society Show":

➡️ "Education. What Changes Are Needed? | Experts Talk":

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