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Black Smoke At Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park Super Volcano Active ؟ September 2017


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Oct 5, 2017
Black Smoke At Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park .Super Volcano Active ? September 2017
A cause for serious concern is the periodic appearance of black smoke on the Old Faithful geyser, one of the most famous geysers on Earth, located at the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in the United States.
Experts can not explain the reason for the appearance of black smoke on the geyser. Especially since this is not the first appearance of smoke in the recent times. Witnesses of this phenomenon report a periodic appearance of black smoke, flare-ups, and glows also on other geysers.
One of the versions, according to experts, is that magma in the bowels of the Yellowstone super-volcano rose close to the surface and began to fill the reservoir with geyser’s underground water.
As has been said by the well-known academician, professor Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, who puts first in life humaneness, conscience and honor in the programme "The Truth is one for everyone. Impending cataclysms. Relationships between people. Revival of humaneness":
“ today’s climate situation, to put it mildly, it is better for people to be people in order to offer each other a helping hand. Here there is also one more thing… I am saying this exactly to those people who are in the consciousness and are more attracted, after all, to, let’s say, earthly passions than spiritual things - this is advantageous. It only seems that this does not affect us, disasters are happening elsewhere… But today they are happening elsewhere and tomorrow they will happen at your place. Will the neighbor help you? Of course not, if he is going to be like you, right? So what should we do? First of all, extend a hand of friendship to a neighbour. Just like this, look into each other’s eyes, simply sit and look and think. Sometimes even words are not needed to understand that we are all of the same blood, right? And then you will feel sorry for that neighbour if any trouble happens to that neighbour. And when you are ready to help this neighbour, it will mean that he will be able to help you if trouble comes to your home. But until you yourself are ready to help your neighbour - do not expect any help from him. He is just like you. He lives in the same conditions.”
Given the growing intensity of climate disasters on Earth, now more than ever, it is important for us, the people, to understand who we are and why this life is given to us. Deep and honest answers to these questions, which are key for everyone, are given in the unique film on the AllatRa TV channel. It's more than a film, it is an alive book: CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. FROM THE INEVITABLY DEAD TO THE ETERNALLY ALIVE.
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Black smoke is a indication, rock under the earth are heating to the point they are melting.
Appearance of black smoke at the Yellowstone National Park


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