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Leading by example


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Sep 23, 2019
Interview of participants of the International social research project THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN of ALLATRA International Public Movement with Mr Alan Kane - martial arts instructor, headmaster of Haidong Gumdo Ireland, clinician, kinesiologist.

In an interview Alan shares his understanding and experience of what unites all people, what True Love is, and how having a dual nature every person can work on themselves in order to not be distracted by materialistic desires and thoughts from the mind, but to follow the spiritual path.

How to discipline yourself in every day? How to stop being manipulated and make your own choice? How can we increase Love in ourselves and in the world? Where can anyone start to make a difference in society? Sincere and inspiring answers to questions that concern everyone.

“True Love is not just a words, it's not an expression, it's a feeling that comes from the inside.”


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