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Who keeps us from being free and communicating with other people?


ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:May 23, 2022
Freedom always goes along with responsibility. What is it in person that prevents him from taking responsibility for his life? How and why does consciousness plant doubts in a person?

What keeps a person from informing people about the Creative Society? Why do not all people perceive information about the Creative Society and the climate crisis?
Consciousness can deny anything but the facts, and this must be remembered.

What should every moment of your life be like? Why is it so important to fill it with Love?
Illusion coming from consciousness makes a person unhappy, but what happens when you live in joy and happiness?

Why should you respect the opinions of your friends and other people? How to inform your friends in the right way? Why is it okay not to share your friends' opinions, but it is important to share your sincere joy with them?

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