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Future of Schools and Teacher Education | Dr. Eduardo Andere. Education in Mexico


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Jul 16, 2020
Join us on July 16, 2020, at 2 PM GMT for LIVE Broadcast. Today we are talking about the future of schools and teacher education in the world, about education in Mexico, problems and challenges of today's education in the world, and many other questions.

Participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement are also testing the rule of six handshakes in order to meet people from every country of the world, to get to know how every person on the planet envisions the Creative Society.

Our today’s guest is Dr. Eduardo Andere from Mexico.

Dr. Eduardo Andere is an educational analyst and writer on topics of public policy, education policy and comparative education. He is a visiting scholar at Boston College and affiliated with the Center for Teacher Training and Education Research in Mexico.

Dr. Andere has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Boston College, Master degrees in Economics and Public Administration from Boston University and Harvard University, respectively, and has a Law degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.
Dr. Andere is a lecturer, keynote speaker and advisor to schools and governments. Author of 15 books in education and learning.

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