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“The joy of creation is when you love what you do”. Armen (UK). Social survey. Creative Society


Fine art is not just combining a myriad of colors together, it is an expression of the artist’s innermost feelings, it is a living story conversing with the viewer, it is pure love expressed in a harmonious dance of the brush strokes.
And it can be such only when an artist truly loves what he is doing and then his art becomes the expression of the best human qualities and experiences, enriching the viewers and society as a whole.
Without this love and joy one also can not teach it to others, because teaching it is only partly about the right technique and the right skills, but the main transfer of knowledge happens on a deeper, invisible level.
It is a connection between souls, it is a spark igniting the fire of creativity in another person, it is inspiring with the teacher’s own example of inner purity, inner richness, and an unending love for his art.

Creative society. We began to apply this concept as opposed to a consumer society.

Consumption is a clear and familiar word to everyone. That which fully describes the attitude of man in the world around him and the point we have our society now. And how do we imagine a creative society? In what society do we want to live? What conditions do we want to have in the world for us, our close ones and people all over the world to live happily?

An international project CREATIVE SOCIETY enables any person on the planet to declare their choice, their understanding of the Creative society, the foundations of society every person feels comfortable in.

Let us now announce our choice of the future, the future in which we want to live tomorrow. Share your understanding, experience, ideas.

#ALLATRA #Creativesociety #allatraunites

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