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Alex van der Beek (Netherlands). Social survey "The future is now"


Allatra TV Latvia
Allatra TV Latvia
Published:Feb 21, 2020
Creative society. We began to apply this concept widely as opposed to a consumer society.

Consumption is a clear and familiar word to everyone. That which fully describes the attitude of man in the world around him and where this world is now located. And what do we mean by creation and how do we imagine a creative society?
In order for each of us not to dream of him quietly, as something ephemeral and fabulous, but to express his attitude out loud, the project "The Future Is Now" was launched.

An inter-human project that enables any person on the planet to declare their choice, their understanding of the Creative society, the foundations of its construction. The platform for him was the AllatRa International Social Movement.

Let us now announce our choice of the future, the future in which we want to live tomorrow. Share your understanding, experience, ideas with people today, and tomorrow this model of society will be not only a dream of everyone, but a reality for everyone.

I choose a Creative Society, and you?

#AllatRa #Creativesociety #futureisnow #allatraunites

You can also take part in social welfare. Strengthen your video, food, nutrition and take pleasure in the «The Future Is Now» project:[email protected]


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