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Artificial Intelligence & Human Thinking. Six Degrees of Connection


Join us today for an interview with Dr. Krishantha Kapugama from Sri Lanka, experienced Flying Instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the Aviation industry. Dr. Kapugama is skilled in Negotiation, Advanced Military training, Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Training.

We would like to talk with Dr. Kapugama about the Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Society, rise the topic of Human Life as the highest value in the society, talk about the role of education in upbringing the new generation and how important it is to live in a safe environment so that every person can enjoy life and have equal opportunities to develop his or her talents.

Based on the theory of six handshakes, every day we meet and communicate with new people from different countries, cities, of different professions and discuss Creative Society. If you are interested in participating in our daily shows, getting to know more friends or if you have any comments or suggestions for the project: Six Degrees of Connection, email us at
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CREATIVE SOCIETY is the new project of ALLATRA International Public Movement. The creative society is a happy society where people live comfortably, a society without wars.

Conference: Creative Society. Ways to Achieve it. May 15th, 2021

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