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Rtanj Three-Sided Pyramid in Serbia | Sasa Nadfeji


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Feb 19, 2021
On the 11th of December, 2020 we had a conversation with Sasha Nadjfeji, the discoverer of the Rtanj pyramid. The exploration of this three-sided pyramid is an amazing experience as research has shown that Rtanj is much more than a mountain because of its precise pyramidal geometry, the mathematics of golden sections, healthy electromagnetism, selected frequencies, ionizing radiation as well as frequent luminescent appearances in the sky.

A recording was made there with the help of a special instrument which detected bio-energetic and electromagnetic radiation; it showed that the mountain top “Šiljak” usually absorbs energy whereas “Svetilište” which is located at the foot of the mountain almost exclusively emits energy. A geological study indicates that the proper geometric shape of Rtanj could not have been created by random soil subsidence and the effects of atmospheric conditions. During the interview with Sasha Nadjfeji we will get to know the unusual story of the discovery of the pyramid due to neighboring pyramids of Bosnia.

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