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Climate change is not an anthropogenic factor. Scientist Pavel Kalenda


AllatRa TV English
AllatRa TV English
Published:Jul 10, 2020
#Climatechange is not the work of man, it is just a matter of the environment of our solar system.
The theory of #globalwarming is smoke and mirrors. The scientist explains why the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere does not have a negative impact on the #climate.
Analysis of primary data from the Vostok : first there is an increase in temperature, and then an increase in the level of methane and CO2, but not Vice versa. CO2 is not the cause, but the effect of temperature change

Pavel Kalenda (Pržno, Czech Republic), doctor of natural Sciences, geophysicist, seismologist, a forensic expert.

Facts and independent research by scientists on the minimal impact of human activity on the climate.

🔹What happens before an earthquake?
🔹Planetary cycles: what are short-term and long-term cycles? And what is their frequency?
🔹How do Milankovich cycles affect The earth's climate?
🔹The onset of the age of glaciation on Earth. What is waiting for us in the coming years?
🔹Influence of galactic processes on the earth's spheres.
🔹Influence of the sun on The earth's Geology. Connection of solar activity with seismic processes and climate.
🔹A 12,000-year cycle is a natural cycle that modern technology cannot affect.
🔹1848, 1868, 1938, 1948, 1968 - what do these dates have in common, apart from the fact that serious world events took place in these years?


Sharp climate change. What should everyone know? How to survive in the reality of sudden climate change?

Videos where vital questions about climate change on the planet are acutely raised, about warnings of upcoming events.

Climate Change. The Beginning of a Big Disaster



Books by Anastasia Novykh for everyone who wants to know the Truth:

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