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How to Safeguard Life?


ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Oct 19, 2022
Why is there no trust among people in society? Why is a human society in a state of collective paralysis when it comes to changing the vector of development of human civilization, and what should be done in order to change the situation? Why are the believers of various religions the most inert? If the Lord does everything if God coordinates every step of every person, then why is there a need for the final universal Judgment? What can people do by reconciling and uniting? How to build a world of the Creative Society which the prophets dreamed of?

How to avoid the influence of the dead on the living? How dangerous is it to use the skills and experience that a subpersonality has? If a near and dear person dies, can he appear in dreams and give some hints or render informational help? Can subpersonalities act together, contact each other, and purposely set people against one another? What should be done in such cases when a living person remains indebted to the one who died? If children are named after a deceased person, does the subpersonality thus influence a child's life? Are the organs of a deceased person (for example, the one who died in an accident) a "trace" for a subpersonality, and does that subpersonality pose any threat to those who received those organs as transplants?

"We feel and understand what is wrong, but we think, "What can I do on my own?", and that's the way everyone has thought. All of us together have found ourselves in a world where shaitan reigns, where there is no room for God's Love, and where we are enemies to each other." “Here shaitan is the prince of the world. But he rules this world just because we allow him to. His power is our power. It is us who endow him with power, and it is us who do what he commands us to do. Yet, it’s enough for us just to return to the Source, to return to God, and everything will improve, and the world will change. But for that, we should make an effort, and for that, we should unite, then everything will fall into place.” How to safeguard human Life and build the Creative Society?


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