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Shallow – Lady Gaga (cover by Creative Society)


Creative Society
Creative Society
Published:May 15, 2023
It's been a busy day, work, shopping, I've got a light on my car again, how are we going to pay for it? I've got a second shift waiting for me at home.

I'll put on a song, I can only sing to myself. Music always helps me to rise above all my troubles for a while.

Today I got a card from a young lady while I was getting a takeaway coffee. She said we can live differently, but everyone has to do something about it. She asked me what kind of life I dream of. I was ashamed to tell her that I wanted to wear beautiful clothes, stand on stage and sing. However, that's such unattainable bullshit. But I was intrigued by what she said, it sounded so easy, like that dream life was within reach. What if we really can? Where's my card? How do you spell it...

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