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The Unseen War. Who Leads Our World to Destruction?


ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Apr 13, 2024
Watch as Dr. A. Egon Cholakian, national security expert and an intelligence educator who formally served the Reagan White House, exposes a secret operation undermining the democratic order and America. In a riveting three-hour video, he uncovers the entity behind global conflicts, including the war in Ukraine, and the potential collapse of NATO. Egon Cholakian questions Putin’s autonomy, sheds light on puzzling decisions of world leaders, and highlights rising internal conflict in the U.S.

After a 30-year investigation conducted by their team, Egon Cholakian reveals a hidden force active since 1993, threatening Western democracy.

We, volunteers of ALLATRA International Public Movement, decided to publish this appeal on our resources, as the topic raised by Egon Cholakian directly concerns us. ALLATRA volunteers from different countries have been harassed and persecuted for more than 10 years because of the actions of this hidden force. This video explains what this hidden force is, why it persecuted ALLATRA volunteers and why it is so important for every person to stand up for democracy.

This video is more than an update — it’s an urgent call for citizens to safeguard future of our free world.

The Official Website of Dr. A. Egon Cholakian:

00:00 Introduction
2:47 The truth about the secret intelligence structure. A 30-year investigation.
7:06 Those who stand behind the Russian authorities
14:27 KGB come back
20:03 Hybrid psychological war against the US
29:26 How KGB narratives appear in American and global mass media?
33:21 Interference in the next U.S. election and the threat of Civil War
36:22 Which country's side is the KGB playing on?
38:53 A precedent that led to a 10-year selective investigation
51:34 How today's KGB undeclared war against the US has affected this appeal
56:22 Investigation. How does the KGB choose its victims?
58:28 The KGB's persecution Campaign. Strategy and tactics
1:14:54 Urgent mobilization of the enemy of democracy in 2020
1:24:53 The key role of anti-cult organizations in KGB strategy
1:30:55 The Case of Bhagavad Gita
1:37:54 Impunity for human rights violations in the EU
1:42:10 Preliminary conclusions of our investigation
1:45:33 How the enemy exploits recruited journalists
1:52:53 KGB methods of discrediting politicians
1:55:43 Case of the "BBC News" article
2:07:29 An example of cynical KGB manipulation methods in Slovakia
2:12:25 Failure of the forceful stage in Belarus
2:16:32 Constitutional violations during persecution in Russia
2:22:53 Suffering of innocent volunteers caused by the KGB
2:28:40 Russia and Russian people were sold for one medal
2:31:27 The Case of Jehovah's Witnesses
2:39:35 KGB's forceful stage in Ukraine. Raids and searches
2:49:42 The most unfair trial in history and the crucifixion of democracy
2:53:53 Ukraine's role in the global scheme of the enemy
2:59:27 KGB's totalitarian titular religion
3:04:27 The enemy most destructive weapon
3:11:54 The Civil War 2028
3:18:04 Real Captains of America
3:21:30 How can we protect America and ourselves
3:30:40 The Shield
3:31:59 The most important question for every citizen


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