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Sean Brooks (Atlanta, USA). Review of the international conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE“


On May 11th, 2019, a unique global event took place on the platform of “ALLATRA” International Public Movement - the international video conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE“
It is a grand event for the whole society, that inspired millions of people! The conference has become a very bright, positive, life-affirming example of the fact that people really can do a lot together, when they unite in their pure selfless aspirations for the benefit of all humanity! People of different nationalities, religions, professions from more than 140 countries of the world openly communicated without intermediaries, look into each other’s eyes, truthfully voiced real and pressing problems of society, and shared their sincere (living) understandings of ways to solve world crises in all spheres of life through changes of the consumer format of the society to creative one.

International video conference has caused a wide resonance among people. They all shared inspiring experience of interaction in a new, creative format and talked about ways of addressing issues that were raised during the video conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE".

Join the global initiative - to meet all together next year on the second Saturday of May at the even larger international conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE 2020" #allatraunites!

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