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Journalist Akmaral Batalova: about the unity of all people and the role of mass media in society

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ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Jul 5, 2021
Akmaral Batalova — a journalist and a film producer from Kazakhstan — became a guest of ALLATRA TV studio within the framework of the all-human project Creative Society. Akmaral graduated from the Diplomatic School of Spain and has a Master’s Degree in international relations from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her journalistic works are widely recognized at the international level.

Our acquaintance with Akmaral happened through a chain of six handshakes, passed on from Dr. Yvonne Thompson, UK.

Akmaral Batalova is a person not indifferent to the current situation in society. This is evidenced by her journalistic activity aimed at covering issues that relate to people’s lives. The tragedy of Syrians has deeply touched Akmaral, and she produced a documentary "At the Pinnacle of the World Diplomacy" that has shed light on the problem in Syria. The documentary contains interviews with UN ambassadors from various countries and the UN Secretary-General. The main conclusion made by Akmaral during her work on this film is that, while at the international level politicians are solving their political ambitions at Syria’s expense, ordinary people are suffering. Moreover, Akmaral raised the issue of the importance of disarming all countries and directing the released resources to solving the problems of hunger and lack of water and overcoming all sorts of crises.

Within the framework of the Creative Society project, it is very valuable to hear Akmaral’s opinion on the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society. In particular, she emphasized the importance of the 4th Foundation — Transparency and Openness of Information for All, as well as the significant role of journalists in shaping public opinion and guiding the life of society. Akmaral shared her view of what mass media should be like in the Creative Society and showed interest in the international activity of ALLATRA TV volunteer internet television.

How can the importance of the Creative Society project be communicated to all people including politicians? How does Akmaral envision the Creative Society? What is the essence of the unity of all people on Earth regardless of their nationality and religious beliefs?

At the end of the interview, Akmaral noted, “We are all united in our aspiration for a happy, safe, quiet, and peaceful life. We should be responsible for our dream ourselves, take responsibility for the future of our earth in our hands, and unite. This is where the ALLATRA Movement can help us.”

We express our gratitude to Akmaral Batalova for the interesting and profound interview, for her active life position in uniting people in building the Creative Society, as well as for her participation as a speaker at the international conference "Creative Society. What that Prophets Dreamed of", on March 20, 2021. We also thank Akmaral Batalova for passing on a handshake to the Bishop of Jerusalem Riah Abu El-Assal who also became a speaker at this unprecedented conference.

Akmaral Batalova’s documentary about Kazakhstan’s work in the UN Security Council:

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