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АллатРа Книга
АллатРа Книга
Published:Nov 3, 2015
The book "AllatRa" reveals the exclusive information: about the Personality of a human being and his soul; of subpersonalities and related phenomena; the dual nature of a man: the processes of his Spiritual and Animal nature; the importance of the dominant world view and its influence on the choice of Personality predetermining the fate after death. First time in the world a unique picture of human soul in transition after the death of the physical body is contained in a book; a unique primordial knowledge of the multidimensional structure of a man in the invisible world, about the connection of a man with other dimensions, a man`s exceptional capabilities in addition to the third dimension. It answers the questions of why a person needs overcapacity brain and the presence of multi-level consciousness what is the altered state of consciousness, and how a gradual immersion in it occurs.

The ancient spiritual practices to work on oneself and to merge with your Soul are given in the book; as well as the advancement of the sixth sense and contact with the spiritual world. It describes the nature of supernatural powers (second sight, clairaudience, reading other people's thoughts, foresight) and ambiguity of its manifestation for human beings; the importance of the work at oneself in understanding of the processes of the invisible world and about the dual position of the Personality and its influence on the world as an observer.

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