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Konstantin Korotkov: Studies of Geoactive Zones, Experiments on Consciousness | Shadow Control


Shadow Control
Shadow Control
Published:Feb 28, 2023
The guest in the studio of the Shadow Control international research project, in the Science and Magic section, is Konstantin Georgievich Korotkov, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Konstantin Korotkov is a physicist by profession, a scientist, and an active researcher of the surrounding world. His method of gas discharge visualization (GDV) allows for early diagnosis of the human body. In his scientific activities, Dr. Korotkov uses advanced technologies to study the principles of the work of human consciousness and identify interactions between the invisible plane and the material world. The researcher's attitude and willingness to acknowledge the facts allow Konstantin Korotkov and his colleagues to use scientific potential for the benefit of humanity.

In this episode of the Shadow Control project, you will discover mystical and mysterious stories from the scientist’s life and not only:

0.00 About his way to science
1:55 The Kirlian effect
2:59 Principles in science
4:12 Method of rapid body analysis
6:28 Preventive healthcare
8:07 Life after death
8:33 How energy dynamics change after death
11:00 Devices recording the appearance of ghosts
13:38 Example from life: contact with the dead
16:09 Study of unexplained phenomena in various countries
20:13 Experiments on the influence of consciousness on the world around
21:40 Science is living people. Scientific environment
23:58 What qualities should a true scientist have?
25:10 Who is a human being? Body, consciousness, soul
28:14 Amazing finds in Peru
38:18 Mysteries of ancient civilizations
42:36 Unusual phenomena
44:50 Studying the energy of places
46:46 Creating the world map of energies
50:22 Sensors that record earthquakes several days in advance
52:33 Experiments with energy measurements at various historical sites
55:40 Mexico: tunnels under the pyramids
58:40 Human consciousness is the main mystery
1:05:31 Geoactive zones: positive and negative ones
1:07:05 Direct vision: perception of space beyond eyesight
1:10:39 Dogmas and open questions in modern science. What does modern science not accept?
1:14:01 Experiments and theories that have shifted scientists from the point "we know everything"
1:16:06 Field impacts. A virus is an information disease

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