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АллатРа ТВ
АллатРа ТВ
Published:Oct 18, 2019
The ancient secret cult the NINTH CIRCLE OF SATAN controls both religious organizations and occult orders, branches of the Freemasons. This is the visible part of the modern power pyramid.

It includes representatives of the world elite, pop culture, and the global show business.

Representatives of the NINTH CIRCLE OF SATAN have performed bloody child sacrifices to strengthen their power over people since the time of Sumer.
Historical evidence, modern eyewitness testimonies, documents and investigations, which were repeatedly covered and published in the media, on the Internet, including those collected thanks to the Canadian priest and writer Kevin Annett (“The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels (ICLCJ)”), on how, in different countries, representatives of the world elite subjected other people's children to severe abuses and rapes. How, while hunting for fun, they used children as live targets and trophies, and killed them by sacrificing them to Satan.

The highest representatives of the Catholic Church, military, representatives of the highest authorities from different countries and the world elite took part in the rituals of children's sacrifices.

What is going on in the world today, how the cult of Satan is being openly imposed en masse on young people in different countries (fears, desire for unlimited profit, drugs, and alcohol, and worship of Satan are being imposed) through the film industry, through representatives of the world show business controlled by the Ninth Circle.
WHO statistics on missing children.

The harsh reality of the invisible world. For whom does humanity serve as food and what is going on beyond what we don’t see? Who is to blame and what to do? What is the way out of the current situation?
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