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The Perfect Storm. Climate Crisis! Humanity Is in Danger!


ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Jan 30, 2023
🤔 What do you feel when someone deceives you?

If you've succeeded in deceiving a person, it doesn't mean he's a fool. It means you were trusted more than you deserve.

❓ What can lies and trust have in common?
❓ Who and how do we trust?
❓ What is captainism. How does this phenomenon lead to disasters?
❓ How to learn not to be wrong about people?
❓ Who is our enemy and where is he hiding?
❓ What is the global deception of humanity and why does it lead to the destruction of the planet?
❓ How to expose the main liar and manipulator and make the right choice?

❗ To know more, watch "Earth's Core. How Сan Humanity Survive | Kaleidoscope of Facts 29":

❗ 🌍 On November 12, 2022, the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity" took place where independent researchers, scientists and eyewitnesses from around the world voiced the facts and dynamics of climate events. Watch the forum and learn the truth not to become a victim of deception!

The Forum with language selection:

🌍 Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov:

🌍 A true history of humanity in the “Kaleidoscope of Facts” project:

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