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How Did God Originate and Come Into Being?


ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Apr 18, 2024
Each of us has at least once asked ourselves a question: what was there before God? How did God originate and come into being?

Why is our consciousness unable to perceive infinity? What is beyond the World of God? The finiteness of the Universe begets a question: Is God finite?

Our Universe is dynamic, it is in constant motion.
🔸 Why does the combination of motion and time set the finiteness of the Universe?
🔸 How long has our Universe existed compared to the World of God?
🔸 Why is any material Universe, including ours, finite and temporary?

The Spiritual World is outside the Universe, and it is static. How to understand the dynamism of the Spiritual World in the absence of motion?

Experiment on slowing down the speed of light. The world structure at the micro level: did people know about it in ancient times, and what do we know about the quantum world? Where does gravitation originate?

Why and where do holy places appear? Do they help a human on the spiritual path? What can really help Personality get to know and reach the Spiritual World?

There are a lot of Universes like ours, but they are nothing compared to the Spiritual World.

Watch the full version of the video "About the Spiritual World" with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, a fragment of which is presented herein.

"About the Spiritual World":

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