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Who Are We: People or Brooms?


ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Jan 25, 2023
We are so used to a hierarchy that we don’t even notice how it’s being imposed and implemented not only in society, but also in religion, and even in the spiritual world by making ranks for angels.

🔹 What is it being done for?
🔹 When and how did our society become a consumer society?
🔹 Why is usury encouraged in the modern world, though it was condemned by prophets and caused loan slavery?
🔹 How were the teachings brought by prophets divided into dozens of religious currents instead of guiding people on the straight path toward God?

The divisions in religions serve only one purpose: to make people easier to manipulate.

But today we have a unique opportunity to end this chaos and build the Creative Society, in which the material needs of each person will be met and we will be able to pay more attention to the main goal – reaching God.

🌐 For more details, watch the full version of the International Online Conference "Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of”:

🌐 "Creative Society. Questions and Answers" | Video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov:

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