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Shadow Control. Psychic criminalist Victoria Lee. Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets

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ALLATRA TV International
ALLATRA TV International
Published:Aug 25, 2021
Shadow Control international research project, within the framework of its section Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets, has interviewed a psychiс criminalist, Victoria Lee.

Victoria’s major activity is related to the search for missing people. Her main tool is a black obsidian mirror, while her major assistants are the deceased. The psychic acts as a mediator between the world of the dead and the world of people. She transmits information in exchange for energy. Vital energy.

Watch in this episode:
- Who is a psychic?
- How does the work with a black mirror occur?
- Why is contact with the dead dangerous?
- What do spirits of the deceased look like?

Moreover, Victoria will tell us how she applies her abilities in search of missing people.

📍 Attention! Since the Shadow Control project is aimed at studying magic, extrasensory perception, and otherworldly phenomena and also remembering the immutable law that every person has the right of choice and can engage in whatever he or she wants, comments to this project are disabled. We consider them unnecessary and often biased towards the participants of this project. It is impossible to study anything while being outside!

If you have any constructive suggestions or ideas, please email us at [email protected]

After all, only together we can put an end to the game of shadows in our lives!



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00:00 Introduction. What Prophets said about magic
03:51 Victoria’s story about herself
05:00 who a psychic is
06:04 when it all started
06:52 complexity of working with graveyards
08:14 work with mirrors
08:34 what a demon looks like
10:05 how the dead ones are seen in mirrors
12:24 about her state
13:33 differences between phantoms and ghosts
14:30 what psychic practice gives
16:20 about death
17:25 why Victoria engages in this
18:36 what the dead want
20:39 what a black mirror is
23:09 how she feels after working with the dead
25:10 about cemetery creatures
27:54 risk of attending cemeteries
31:07 about curses
36:26 tarot cards
37:53 working with a mirror and a graveyard
40:19 human energies
43:58 about funeral repasts and the dead
49:30 people's most frequent requests
50:28 how to protect oneself against the invisible influence
57:46 magic programs
59:49 about lower worlds
1:02:57 about satanic numbers
1:03:53 about tattoos protecting against evil curses
1:05:40 whether it is possible to stop communicating with the dead
1:09:10 stories from her practice
1:15:12 about alcohol and drugs
1:16:25 her wishes to viewers


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